Fees and Charges – Clear Hygiene Ltd

Seller Fees

Clear Hygiene Ltd do not charge any subscription fees, we only charge commission on sale of only 6% + 25p per Transaction and the seller would be liable for the VAT on all the sales of product.

There is also no additional paypal fees to be paid. As we cover that cost for you.

Compared to may marketplaces online today who charge 18% commission we are the best priced and the most competitive. 

Due to our commission charge being very low you are able to buy the product for a cheaper and more competitive rate.

Buyer Fees

There are no additional cost for a Buyer to make purchases from our site.

Additional information

All Sellers would be paid on a weekly basis too they selected payment method on Clear Hygiene Ltd Dashboard. For payments made to bank account directly could take up to two weeks.

If you are having any payment issues you may contact us on