How is the Shipping Calculated ?

A: The shipping is set to maximum of 15Kg, each 15Kg parcel would cost you £3.50 in delivery.

Why am i being charged for two sets of deliveries when my weight of delivery is no more than 15Kg ?

A: You may have selected a 'Cleaning Chemical or Liquid' product, The 'Cleaning Chemical and Liquid' is a risk to delivery e.g if it is damaged and is packed along with the tissue it may also damage the tissue.

Therefore its weight is calculated on a separate delivery charge.

Would i have to pay £3.50 for each 'Cleaning Chemical or Liquid'? 

A: "No" the roles are the same, once you have purchased a 'Cleaning Chemical or Liquid' you will have allowance of up to 15Kg within that category.