Covid-19 Rules – Clear Hygiene Ltd

This guidance is for people purchasing or joining Clear Hygiene Ltd during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Stock will be added and removed everyday both due to the volume of orders and lack of available supply. Please be aware, there might be a slight delay in stock removal. We apologise for the volatile inventory in advance but please be rest assured we are trying our hardest with respect to current events.


Seller Rules :

- Sellers may not price gouge. Current market trend will be used to evaluate this. All sellers shall comply to the fair trade policy.

- Sellers must insure that the item is delivered to your customer within 5 working days.

- Sellers will only have 24 hours to dispatch every order.

- All orders must be tracked.

- If a seller has not been able to fulfil a particular order, they must contact the buyer before advancing with any particulars.


Buyer Rules :

- Due to the lack of availability and the current market, drop-shipping will not be tolerated.

- Due to COVID-19 returns are not allowed until further notice. We would advise general adjustments for any inconvenience.

- Buyers may be limited to certain quantities of stock.

- Buyers may receive varied packaging of the same item.

- Due to social distancing measures the buyer must leave his contact number and email upon purchase, to improve communication.


Polite Notice: If any buyer/seller has seen evidence of price gouging/exploitation please contact our team at:


Stay safe and thank you to all our users for their understanding.


Kind Regards,

Clear Hygiene Ltd